It was a fantastic day of food collecting, with
staggering amounts of groceries to benefit the
local food pantry's.
With the addition of donated grocery bags, food
totals may have nearly doubled over last year.
Let's give a big THANK YOU! to the workers of IBEW/NECA
who not only donated the bags but also volunteered to help
sort the collections. And don't forget the hard working
Letter Carriers who promoted the food drive and put in a
hard day of picking up and sorting the groceries, High Five!
Ok, now that we have all this food, we need to
transport it. Reitz Way Transportation from
Council Bluffs stepped up huge and hauled
the bounty again! Thank you Reitz Way, and
the Letter Carriers who donated to the rental of
2 U-Hauls.
Now lets check out some of the more
interesting donations...
Not feeling regular?
This should help.
2015 Letter Carrier's
Coaster Drive.
Maybe they thought
it was soup.
Thats hot
Elegant, this tea set
includes ball and
decorative spoon.
The tale of two
Libbys Libbys Libbys on
the label label label...
Suddenly the dog food
is sounding edible.
Thank you to all that sent in your entry's, but, there
can be only one winner. With out further a due...
While the product description itself induces vomiting,
the picture says it all. Winner!
Back to 2015
Good Lord! Food Donations still rolling in. Vehicle after
vehicle stuffed with food for the needy.
Storage is at a premium for Gate City and it's surrounding  
members stations for this record breaking food drive.
Food Drive totals at last count, 222,000 pounds
of food, Are you kidding me! Stay tuned for more
Thanks for all the photo's emailed in to the Branch 5
office. This is your website brothers and sisters, share
your experiences.
Here the donation wait to be sorted and
distributed to the many needy families in
our community while Andrea Malena, her
daughter and Tiffanie Magowan bask in
the generosity of our local community
Lets keep that good feeling going by thinking
of ways to promote our food drive and collect
even more next year.