2015 NALC Branch 5 Golf
Spirits were high in antisapation of a great
day of golf and the weather, sunny but windy
As the day unfolded we saw golf good and
sometimes, not so good.
Thank you to all the teams that participated
in this years event.
It was an early start for golfers this year at
Targaron Golf Course in Bellevue.
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Lets check out some more golf action...
After the tournament every one gathered for
lunch. Steak was served all tender and tasty.
Gentle men start your engines!
There was plenty of winners as usual at a
Branch 5 charity event.
MDA was in the house. As our
beneficiary, thank you for coming.
Volunteers, you are the back bone, thank
you so very much. We need more like you.
Hey where ya goin? I just want your picture!
Dualathlon, Leap Frog Putting.
Dudes, can you give me a little room, and how
come no one told me our team color was blue?
Beer chick, woohoo!
These guys have fun written all over them.
The long casted shadow of thy eighth hole
witness. No TV for you! Come back next year.
Woah! That shot came a little too close for
comfort... I've learned, there is no safe
place on a golf course.
I'm pretty sure my ball landed about right here
Maybe over here? No, I mean over here.
Gah! A little help please!
Dude, seriously? Have you considered
getting a ball sniffing dog?
Ah Ha! Found it! See yall next year golfers.