2015 Branch 5 Steak Fry
"The Fry"
Perfect day for the annual Branch 5
Steak Fry. All the elements were
present for a fantastic time at
Vennelyst Park...
The Steak
The Raffle
And of course the members of this fine Branch
Let's take a moment to thank our volunteers,
especially Bob and Kenny. Thank for always
making this an awesome event.
And now, the rest of the story.
Now Milton, don't be greedy, let's pass it
along and make sure everyone gets a piece.
The Dude abides.
This guys a real hoot.
'Stupid, Stupid! I spent all my money on
raffle tickets. I just know I'm gonna win
that stuffed bunny or tall glass vase.'
'Alright! Bunny gone. Good win Laura.'
'Whew! Eli got the vase.'
'I won! See?'
'Alright, I won more booze!'
Ok Chuck. Now your just rubbing it in.
Nice purse!
Actually, its a
European shoulder
I won a Murse!
Actually its a
purse KJ.
Old school selfie.
Old school selfie fail.
Dude! Can't you
see I'm trying to
Let me guess.
Your trying to,
Ok, thanks everyone for playing along, we'll
seeya next time. Now, here are those miss
shots of my foot (and other stuff) I promised.
Last year's special guest Brad Ashford.
This year, Kilroy?