2016 Branch 5/MDA
Golf Tournament
And the new venue was a very beautiful
It was a perfect morning for a golf
outing at this years NALC Branch 5
event supporting MDA.
Another great turn out this year with 22
teams of the Post Office's finest golfers.
Thank you to all that participated.
Unless your running a self service
charity event your gonna need
volunteers. Thank you to all that came
out and help run the event.
Give a round of applause to the
coordinator Eli Lisiecki, another great
year brother. Now get started on 2017's
You piece of $#!?
Now for some silliness...
Wanna smell this?
I wouldn't do it if I were you. I found this
weeping beauty on his arm.
Now for this years version of "Who's
Butt Is This Anyway?" The game where
every thing's is made up and the points
don't matter.
If you guessed all butts correctly give
yourself 50072587425 points.
Next up, the Branch 5 Investigative
Unit and Jeremy Liebsack who puts
the unit in investigative unit.
"Word is, there is a broken window"
Ah Ha!
Lets check the lie. That has to be the
worst shot in Branch 5 golf tourney
history. It had to go through 3 pine trees!
Due to innocence until proven guilt, we can
not divulge the identity of the alleged worst
shot ever owner. I'm mean who saw? There
was like three pine tree's in the way.
Wyatt Gardner catching some
sun in the sand. I'm told he like's
long walks on beaches.
And last and most definitely least.
Phil Jirka's flow chart.
Repeat (alot) and seeya next year!