Branch 5
Steak Fry
Recipe for 2016 Steak Fry
Start with a couple hundred steaks
Add all the fixings
Of course you need the beer
Sprinkle in some volunteers
Put together a sweet raffle.
Where attendees win big!
Invite Branch members and
their friends and family.
Mix ingredients in a hall equiped
with a kitchen and padio.  
Woolaa! Magnifeek.
You have created the perfect
Steak Fry.
Any room for extra helpings?
Well here ya go...  
Welcome to the 2016 Branch 5
Chicken Fry!
NALC Nebraska State
Association President Larrissa
Parde in the house yo!
New this year, bobbing for beers.
I got one! Oww
Now Chris, you can have your cake
and eat it too.
Too sexy for my murse
So sexy it hurts
Im too sexy for my skirt
Really? Too sexy for your fire pit?
The Great 'Shaka Da Box' Fiasco
of 2016
Dude, serously. I think you lost my
ticket with that whole 'shaka da
box' fail.
Come on man, there's a prince
stuck in here. Kiss the frog.
Nope, I guess it has to be kissed by
a girl.
Kiss the frog.
It worked!
or not
This spells trouble
*Cough *Cough!
Everyone, duck and cover!
False alarm everybody.
Seeya next year.