2017 Branch 5
Golf Tournament
Benefiting MDA
Weather threatened but did not
play a factor in this years excellent
turnout with 22 foursomes. Gentle
men and women start your
Pacific Springs is a good course
to hold an event. It definitely
separates the players from the
Congratulations to the winners
and thank you to the participants.
While I heard some golf balls
get verbally abused everyone
looked to have good time.
Our volunteers, thank you!
Everything ran so smooth.
Thats thanks to you, great job
And thank you to all that
sponsored holes, donated to
the raffle and helped out.
Seeya next year for Branch 5's
flagship event.
Golfer John Johnson lines up a putt.
The resemblance to Steve Hedgecock
is stunning but, nope not him because
Steve, he would not have wanted his
photo taken lol.
Umm, I'm a little concerned
about food born illness.
Ok we have a report that
someone violated the ball
washer on hole number 7
And for todays Price Is Right
Showcase Showdown...
A New Porta Potty!
No jokes, just like the photo. I
usually don't take very good ones