Salute to Labor
Rock Stars for a day!
Man what an awesome time.
Smiles were infectious and shared  
by the participants as well as the
Just a sampling of the fun that
was had by all who participated.
You probably noticed a lot of
comradery and families present
here today.
Ok, now apparently you heard
there was something very cute
everyone was raving about and
yes I've been holding back.
With out further ado, I bring you...
Now that is cute!
Wait, that's not the cute you heard
about? My bad.

2017 Labor Day Parade Really
Cute thing you heard about...
Wow! That is cute!

Huh? Yes that cute but not what
your talking about?

Maybe this, hmmm?
Ok sorry, now that's self
promotion and cute.

All kidding aside,
(Drum roll)
I give you Frieda!
Good lord, that is sooo cute.
Proud puppy pappy Randy Poulson
See ya'll next year!
If you have been looking at the
photo's and wondering...
Yes, the Star Wars costume
group is in the parade and yes
they have been very careless with
their laser beams.

Oh my god!
They killed Derrick!
As usual, City Letter Carrier
going the extra mile to serve the
public. Great job!
And, as usual, Postal Clerks...
Even their float is on break,
Umm its been 20 minutes and we
are still waiting for... Oh my god!
They killed Randy!
You got my check Mailman?!