Executive Board and Commitees
Branch 5 President, Arbitration Advocate, Facebook
Administator and CCA Union
Recruiter Chuck Walls
Vice President, Central Plains Safety Team Member,
Arbitration Advocate, Formal A Representative and
Shop Steward Chris Grunke
Recording Secretary, Co-Steak Fry Coordinator and Building
Handiman Bob Martens
Financial Secretary, Food Drive Coordinator, Shop
Steward and MDA Event Planner, Andrea Malena
Treasurer, LCPF Coordinator, Formal A Representative and
Shop Steward, Jeremy Liebsack
Sgt-At-Arms, MDA Coordinator, Formal A Representative,  
Shop Steward, Webmaster and Face Book Administrator Phil
Compensation Officer nuff said, Ed Vandenberg
Health Benefits/MBA Representative and
Branch 5 Event Contributor, Karen Staack
Director of Retiree's, Dave Looman
Trustee, Shop Steward and MDA Event
Contributor, Corey Acklin
Trustee and Senior Shop Steward Steve Hedgecock
Trustee and Shop Steward Ben Tretheway