Membership Appreciation Day
NALC Branch 5 offices finally opened its door for business on Sunday
February 15th 2015. Parking was at a premium as members flocked to
see what their hard earn dues had purchased.
Well, for one Pizza, And a lot of it!
It is so great to see within these walls the comradery,
family and friendship of union brotherhood and sistership.
Strange as it seems, this is the guy who got the whole ball rolling
on the purchase of this building. Tip your hat to Steve Hedgecock,
thank you brother for your dedication to Branch 5.
Branch 5 Auxiliary Members, lets
give a big thanks to these, other
current and past members. We
appreciate you.
Your Executive Board minus Bob,Ed
and Laura, a motley collection of
forward thinkers taking this Branch
where no Branch 5 has been
before. Thank you for your faith in
Ok thats silly, and Fun!
The Pizza Party Paparazzi strikes
again and again and again, he's
relentless. More pics to comes.
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