One step closer to a new home!

Sundays Branch 5 special meeting produced a
unanimous vote, for, the purchase of a new
building located at 4953 S. 133rd st. Thanks to the
hard work of Chuck Walls and the Building
Committee, the meeting was informative and well
organized. And while the membership asked the
hard questions, it was clear, this branch is ready to
move forward on finally owning its own building.
Executive Board conversing before the
start of the meeting.
Thank you to all members who showed up
for this monumental meeting.
Branch 5 President Chuck Walls gets to the meat and
potatoes of the discussion.
And the dues increase total is...
Branch 5 Building Committee members...Tom Thieler, Cory
Acklin, Chris Gerken, Steve Hedgecock, and heading the
committee, Andrea Malena. Great job everyone!